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Phosphorous & Phosphate

    Phosphorus is an important nonmetallic chemical element. The vast majority of phosphorus compounds are consumed as fertilizers. Other applications include the role of organophosphorus coumpounds in detergents and pesticides. Phosphorous oxoacids are extensive and often commercially important. They all have acidic protons bound to oxygen atoms and some have nonacidic protons that are bonded directly to phosphorus. Although many oxoacids of phosphorus are formed, only nine are important, and three of them, hypophosphorou, phosphorous acid and phosphoric acid are particularly important.

    The most prevalent compounds of phosphorus are derivatives of phosphate (PO4 3-), ), a tetrahedral anion. Phosphate is the conjugate base of phosphoric acid, which is produced on a massive scale for use in fertilizers. Phosphate exhibits the tendency to form chains and rings with P-O-P bonds. Polyphosphates arise by dehydration of hydrogen phosphates such as HPO42- and H2PO4- Polyphosphates, such as sodium tripolyphosphate, is industrial important chemical, while other phosphates, such as potassium phosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium acid pyrophosphate, etc. find wide applications in many industries. Phosphorus pentoxide is the acid anhydride of phosphoric acid. This waxy white solid reacts vigorously with water. White phosphorus is widely used to make organophosphorus compounds. Organophosphorus compounds have many applications, including in plasticizers, flame retardants, pesticides and water treatment.

    China is rich in phosphorous mines and has sophisticated technologies in processing most organic and inorganic phosphorous compounds. L & Y International Co. has been successfully supplying some of these phosphorous chemicals, such as phosphorous acid, phosphorous pentoxide, and sodium acid pyrophosphate, etc. to its customers in North America for years.