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Rubber Chemicals

    The use of accelerators and activators lowers the activation energy of vulcanization reaction to 80-125kJ/Mole from 210kJ/Mole which is necessary if only “Sulfur” alone is used. Accelerators and activators break sulphur chains. Accelerated sulfur vulcanization systems require only 5-15 sulfur atoms per cross-link as compared to 40-45 S atoms/ crosslink for a non-accelerated sulfur vulcanization. There are many accelerators available for the vulcanization of rubber, because rubber articles have a wide variety of properties. The most widely used rubber accelerators in the rubber tire and rubber articles in the market are DPG, TBBS, CBS, DCBS, MBTS, TMTD and TMTM. The Chinese rubber auxiliary plants began to adopt sophisticated technologies in making these accelerators after 1990. Due to the low cost in production, these rubber accelerators from China have price advantage while keeping higher product quality.

    L & Y International Co. began to supply rubber chemicals to North America rubber industry as far back to 1996. The company is one of the first few companies introduced Chinese rubber accelerators to the rubber tire companies in North America. It has been serving several major rubber tire companies in North America on weekly basis for over 15 years, with back up inventory support in Morrison, TN.